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Brussels Sports Association

The Brussels Sports Association (BSA), recognized in Belgium as an association sans
but lucratif (ASBL), was established in 1958 to provide competitive team sports
opportunities for children. Programs are offered in four core sports and are open to
children ages 4-15 from all schools and with any level of English.
BSA inspires players, connects families, and develops potential to create a
passion for sports across the Brussels international community.
The BSA is a community-focused organization. Children learn the fundamentals of
sports and teamwork within a safe environment while their parents have the opportunity
to volunteer and connect with others throughout the Brussels region.

At Center Sportif de la Forêt de Soignes

● Soccer for boys and girls ages 4-14
● 3 Seasons – Fall (Sept. – Nov.), Winter (Jan. – Feb.), and Spring (April – June)
● U6 – 1 trainings session per week (on Sunday morning)
● U8-U15 – 2 training sessions per week (one weekday and one Sunday morning)
● Basketball for boys and girls ages 4-12
● Winter season (December – February)
● U6 – 1 training session per week (Sunday afternoon)
● U8 – U13 1 training session per week (weekday) and 1 weekend game (Sunday

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